Welcome to my Quiz!

Note: study concluded

My free trial of quiz software ran out so I am no longer able to view the results of this quiz. Also I'm pretty sure they were trying to love bomb me into joining a quiz-based marketing alternate religious group. Anyway, you can still take it for fun, I'll just no longer be able to see the results. Scroll down the page to view the full analytics!

What is this for?

I would like to get more people blogging! I like blogs and think they are a fun way for people to have creative agency and empowerment on the internet. I think the internet is better as a surfable, browsable, network of distinct human spaces, rather then a few big sites controlled by unethical rich people. I'm developing a blogging system, and so this information will be helpful for me in guiding the project and presenting it.

Thanks for entering the turtle zone! My blogging engine Zonelets is now available!

~Marina Kittaka


Keep scrolling down to view the results. Sadly, I didn't see an ability to download the results in a more readable/accessible format. You can retake the quiz above to refamiliarize yourself with the question options (don't worry about messing up the data as I no longer have access to it anyway). Feel free to reach out for more information! zonelets.blogs@gmail.com

My Thoughts

I kinda wish I had a separate version of the quiz for Twitter vs. Facebook. My circles on Twitter developed mostly in the context of game development, so they skew heavily towards people interested in coding, as opposed to Facebook where people's interests and hobbies are more random. I still feel very curious about how a more random sampling of social media-users feel about the internet, and I don't think that this quiz was able to clarify that for me.

That said, the initial response to any personal projects like Zonelets with no marketing budget will naturally be comprised largely of my Twitter followers and their circles. So it's still interesting and helpful to know about this demographic! The numbers feel higher than I expected, in terms of people's familiarity with or interest in internet development stuff. Like 67.5% of respondents said "Sure I've used HTML"? That's a lot!

Ultimately, I think that Zonelets will appeal primarily to those already interested in/experienced with code, but I still hope that its framing and structure can slightly expand the window of opportunity. Firstly by articulating the personal/philosophical/political reasoning for its existence that people might relate to, and secondly by providing enough structure that the skill and—probably more importantly—effort barriers are a bit lower. This seems to be more or less working, based on initial feedback! The most exciting part about seeing people using Zonelets is how [Zonelets as my personal creative project] fades away into the author's space and the author's creative expression as they use it. This is something that feels really special and different to me in contrast with someone experiencing or reacting to my non-tool artistic works.

I hope that beyond the initial response, Zonelets can stick around as something that people can stumble across and feel energized by in the years to come!